Stickles - Glitter Glue- Liquid Pearls

Ranger Ink Stickles

Let your art "sparkle" with acid free, non-settling Stickles™ glitter glue!
Easily write, dot, dash, draw and embellish on paper and rubber stamping
projects, candles, memory album covers and more!
Available in .5 oz. fine point applicator tip bottles.

• Acid free • Non-toxic • Non-settling
• Easy-flow tip • Water wash-off

MFRP 2.99
Bargainpack Price 1.99
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Sale 1.99

Sale 1.99

Sale 1.99

Lime Green
Sale 1.99

Star Dust
Sale 1.99

Golden Rod -
Sale 1.99

Fire Fly -
Sale 1.99

Sale 1.99

Sale 1.99

Glam Pink -
Sale 1.99

Sale 1.99

True Blue
Sale 1.99

Black Diamond
Sale 1.99

Christmas Red
Sale 1.99

Sale 1.99

Sale 1.99

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Clear Rock Candy Distress Stickles Glitter Glue
1.1 Ounce Jar
MFRP 4.99

Bargainpack Price 4.49

Spring Glitter Glue
Get all 9 Spring Glitter Glue for 8.49


Inkssentials™ Clear Stamp Cleaner

An acid-free, non-toxic cleaner developed for clear
stamps – both acrylic and photo polymer. Clear Stamp Cleaner
is a gentle yet effective cleanser that will not deteriorate
or discolor clear polymer. It will remove both water-based
and water-resistant ink from photo polymer stamps.
Safe for use on rubber stamps, too.
Acid free, Non-toxic, 2 FL. OZ.

MFRP 3.99
Bargainpack Price 3.79

Clear Stamp

Cleansit™ All Purpose Cleaner

A unique, all-purpose cleaner for all types of ink.
Cleansit removes water based inks quickly from
rubber and photopolymer stamps. 2oz. scrubber bottle..

Non toxic, 2 oz. scrubber bottle

MFRP 3.49
Bargainpack Price 3.29

Cleansit Cleaner

Rubit Scrubit™ Pad

Our foam backed RUBit-SCRUBit PAD is the quickest,
easiest, and safest way to clean your rubber stamps, no matter how
deeply etched. The scrubbing surface is tough enough to clean into every
crevice, yet gentle on your rubber, while the foam backing provides
a soft, non-skid cushion to work on when rubbing and to hold onto
when scrubbing. Features two surfaces: the top (front surface shown)
is a fine, non-skid cushion; the opposite side is coarse. Made of synthetics.
Rinse with soap and water.
6"W x 6"L x 3/4" thick, 2 different surfaces

MFRP 2.99
Bargainpack Price 2.79

Rubit Scrubit

Embossing Pens

Embossing Pens are great for writing titles, names, outlining,
drawing, spot embossing, fine stencil work and more! Includes one black
and one clear embossing pen.

• Acid free
• Bullet Tip

MFRP 4.99
Bargainpack Price 4,79

Embossing Pens

Inky Rollers™

Great for stampers and block print artists! Make your own roller stamps,
solid and textured backgrounds, resists and reliefs! Footed feature
reduces roller dent and keeps your work surface ink free! Replacement
rollers available in all three sizes.

• 3 sizes available - Rubber Brayer
• Replacement rollers

Small - 2 1/4"
MRFP 8.99
Bargainpack Price 8.59

Medium - 3 1/16"
MRFP 11.99
Bargainpack Price 11.19

Large 6"
MRFP 16.99
Bargainpack Price 15.99