Ranger Ink Tools
Stamping Accessories

Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Tool
Replacement Applicator Felt

This ergonomic, solid wood tool is perfect for the precise, mess
free application of Alcohol Inks, Mixatives, and
Alcohol Blending Solution
to your
craft projects. Specially designed by Tim Holtz, the Alcohol Ink Applicator is great for
multiple techniques. Simply attach the included felt to the Applicator Tool, apply
Adirondack Alcohol products, then stamp and blend!

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Alcohol Ink Applicator
Includes 10 felts
MFRP 4.99
Bargainpack Intro Price 4.00

Buy 8 and get a real Bargain
8 Ink Blending ToolS
MFRP 39.95
Bargainpack Price 31.99

Alcohol Ink Felt Replacement Pads
MFRP 4.99
Bargainpack Intro Price 4.00
Inkseentials Ink Blending Tool
Replacement Foam Pads

Use the Inkssentials™ Ink Blending Tool™ and Foam for mess-fre
e ink application on paper projects! The Inkssentials Ink
Blending Tool is an ergonomic, solid wood tool which is ideal for precise
application of inks and other craft mediums when an Ink Blending
Foam is attached to the base. Create a smooth transition
of ink when applied directly to papers, tags, chipboard,
die cuts, canvas and more. No more inky fingers
when stamping and scrapbooking!

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Ink Blending Replacement
Foam Pads

MFRP 4.99
Bargainpack Price 4.49

Ink Blending Tool
Foam Pads
MFRP 4.99
Bargainpack Price 4.49

Buy 8 and get a real Bargain
8 Ink Blending Tools
MFRP 39.95
Bargainpack Price 31.99

Sticky Back Canvas 5- 12" x 12" Sheets
In this package you get 5 sheets.

MFRP 11.99
Bargainpack Price 10.59

Sale Price 8.99

Sanding Grip
MFRP 11.99
Bargainpack Price 10.99

Ranger Ink Mini Misters
Package of 3
MFRP 4.99

Bargainpack Price 4.59

Ranger Ink Mini Mister

Bargainpack Price 1.79

Ranger Pipette
.25 each

Ranger Inkssentials Craft Mat
Non-Stick Craft Sheet 15" x 19"

MFRP 17.99
Bargainpack Price 15.00

Black Perfect Medium Stamp Pad

Tim Holtz's New Water Brushes
Broad Nib and Fine Detail Nib

Water Brush - Detailer Nib
MFRP 9.99
Bargainpack Price 9.19

Water Brush - Broad Brush Nib
MFRP 12.99
Bargainpack Price 11.69

Clear Perfect Medium Stamp Pad

Tim Holtz Masks

YouTube Video- you must see

MFRP 1.99
Bargainpack Price 1.79

MFRP 1.99

Bargainpack Price 1.79

Clear Pefect Pen Brush Tip

Clear Pefect Pen Bullet Tip

Clear Pefect Pen Set

Brush Tip Brush

Cosmetic Flat Tip Brush

Ranger Ink Specialty Stamping Paper
Specialty Stamping Paper
10 - 8.5 x 11 Size

MFRP 7.99
Bargainpack Price 6.99

Specialty Stamping Paper
20 each Trading Card Size

MFRP 4.99
Bargainpack Price 4.49

Cleansit™ All Purpose Cleaner

A unique, all-purpose cleaner for all types of ink.
Cleansit removes water based inks quickly from
rubber and photopolymer stamps. 2oz. scrubber bottle..

Non toxic, 2 oz. scrubber bottle

MFRP 3.49
Bargainpack Price 3.29

Cleansit Cleaner

Rubit Scrubit™ Pad

Our foam backed RUBit-SCRUBit PAD is the quickest,
easiest, and safest way to clean your rubber stamps, no matter how
deeply etched. The scrubbing surface is tough enough to clean into every
crevice, yet gentle on your rubber, while the foam backing provides
a soft, non-skid cushion to work on when rubbing and to hold onto
when scrubbing. Features two surfaces: the top (front surface shown)
is a fine, non-skid cushion; the opposite side is coarse. Made of synthetics.
Rinse with soap and water.
6"W x 6"L x 3/4" thick, 2 different surfaces

MFRP 2.99
Bargainpack Price 2.79

Rubit Scrubit

Embossing Pens

Embossing Pens are great for writing titles, names, outlining,
drawing, spot embossing, fine stencil work and more! Includes one black
and one clear embossing pen.

• Acid free
• Bullet Tip

MFRP 4.99
Bargainpack Price 4,79

Embossing Pens

Inky Rollers™

Great for stampers and block print artists! Make your own roller stamps,
solid and textured backgrounds, resists and reliefs! Footed feature
reduces roller dent and keeps your work surface ink free! Replacement
rollers available in all three sizes.

• 3 sizes available - Rubber Brayer
• Replacement rollers

Small - 2 1/4"
MRFP 8.99
Bargainpack Price 8.59

Medium - 3 1/16"
MRFP 11.99
Bargainpack Price 11.19

Large 6"
MRFP 16.99
Bargainpack Price 15.99

Glue Pad and Applicator Set

• Adhesive for applying pigments,
glitter, metallic leaf, chalk powders, and flocking
• Works on coated papers and other surfaces
• Acid free and archival
• Refillable pad with glue refill

MFRP 5.99
Bargainpack Price 4.99