Iron Ons

Iron On from SEI - Just peel and iron.
We had a Halloween party with all my family (ages from 2- 54) and made Halloween Tshirts,
pillowcases and sweat shirts. Boys, Girls, Men and Women, we had a blast. So here
are the Christmas ones we are doing the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

You will loves these.
MFRP 5.99
Bargainpack Price 5.39

Gingerbread Man Pieces

ingerbread Man Iron On

Santa Pieces

Santa Iron On

Snowman Pieces

Snowman Iron On

Reindeer Pieces


Looking for a fast and easy craft to do with the kids this summer?
Quick and Easy Birthday Gift, or Take A Pillow Case to a Sick Friend.

These are just so easy and no two will look the same with all the
various pieces you get, the kids can choose what their own monster will look like.
You get 2 sheets. One with the basic monster/critter on it with some arms,
eyes, bows, mouths etc on the 2nd sheet. Just cut around the pieces you
want to use and iron them on. You will love it and kids will think you are awesome.

These are just the cutest ever.

SEI iron-on flock transfers can be applied to any surface
that will withstand the heat of an iron,
i.e. wood, fabric, paper, clay, cork, etc.
*Easy to apply
*Will not crack, peel or fade

Sick Friend - Make them a pillow case
Birthday - Make them their own TShirt
Father's Day - Make dad or grandpa their own sweatshirts
Family Vacation- Matching Family Tshirts
Scrapbooking - Make your own page by adhering to your favorite Paper
Great project for grandparents to do with their grankids!
SEI Presents -

These are made up to see what you can do with them.
You get the body and all the parts to create your own Critter or Monster!
MFRP 6.00
Bargainpack Price 5.00

Cheerie Charlie

Cool Curt

Furry Freddy

Sassy Susie

Snuggly Sam